manglik dosh

Manglik Dosh in Kundali

People scared of Manglik dosh because of its miserable impacts on life before marriage and post marriage. Not only this, it may also harm the health and life of the person’s spouse. Among its negative effects to the marriage-related life Manglik dosh also create factors that make the person’s life evolving across stress, anxiety, and struggle on the personal and professional level.

Mangal Dosh Specialist

There are 12 houses in the Ascendant chart of a person and if Mars lies in 1 st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of the chart then that person is said to have Mangal dosh. The influences of Mars tend to intensify in higher house. So a person born with this dosh needs to be extra careful when getting married. As there will be more severe effects of this dosh if the partner for marriage is not having the same combination of Mars in her/his horoscope.
You must get your horoscope checked by an expert who can guide you through the complete detail of horoscope and Mangal dosh effects and remedies.

Let’s put a glance on the characteristics of Mangal dosh to understand how it causes discord in your life

  • It is caused by fierce Mars planet that symbolizes confidence and temperament of a person. For this reason, ‘maangli’ people are aggressive and short-tempered.
  • It can influence both the genders based on the specific condition of the combination of Mars.
  • Mars affects the life with negative energies emerging violence, arguments,conflicts, and struggles for the affected person.
  • It impedes the timely marriage by causing unnecessary delays.
  • Mars if unfavorable has an immense negative influence on your personal as well as professional life. It brings mental stress and restlessness.
  • Often, Manglik people face abuse in their marriage.
  • Mangal dosh effects get defused if the influenced person is born on Tuesdays.
  • This dosh also gets cancelled if both the partners are under its influence.
  • It is believed that the affected person had victimized her/his partner in the previous birth that is why he/she is having this dosh.

Manglik DoshMangal Dosh And Love Marriage

By now you must have an idea of the severity of Mangal dosha and n ecessity of a call to a specialist who can help you mitigate its intense effects. The celebrated astrologer Manoj Shastri is the genius in astrology. He is the specialist for his services for marriage problems, Kaal Sarp dosh, Gandmul dosh, Manglik dosh and much more. You can now fulfill your dream of getting married your true love which might have been seemed vague and impossible having been influenced by Mangal dosh. A true mentor and guru Manoj Shastri is entrusted to provide effective solutions for Mangal dosh.

Family Disapproval is among the major problems when both the partners have a matchless horoscope. This issue creates contention with your family and leaves you with a thought of back stepping. If such problems have flooded your mind then yes you must attempt an approach to our Pundit Manoj Shastri Ji.

Mangal Effects And Marriage Disputes

In other case, you might not have checked your horoscope for Mangal dosha before marriage and therefore may be dealing with regretful consequences of your unsuccessful marriage. Frequent fights and arguments may have left your marriage dull and broken that must be causing you and your partnermental stress and dissatisfaction. That’s the reason one must put efforts for checking Mangal dosh for the sake of compatibility with her/his partner.

Though you may be facing the worst yet there is a beacon of hope to correct the situation demanding care and attention. You must give a try to your marriage by consulting our Guru Manoj Shastri.

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